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About Us

Drummer Camilla Collet, Saxophonist Giorgio Giacobbi, Pianist Giulio Scaramella and Bassist Pietro Spanghero met while travelling down separate musical paths, and decided to walk together for a while.
Our quartet, like many good things in life, began as a joke, but quickly became a place where to practice the magic art of the song with serious love and dedicated joy.


What’s “SOSUU”?

The name Sosuu comes from the Japanese: it means prime numbers, because prime numbers were the glue to the tunes of our first album.

Here is an excerpt from the album’s liner notes: “ These pieces are connected by prime numbers.
Prime numbers can be found in the melodies: for example in 2 each section is made of small two-note fragments, the same applies to 3, and something similar happens in all the other tunes. Prime numbers constitute also the rhythmic framework of this album […]”

We are a quartet which plays some kind of jazz music. Some may call it European, others contemporary, and how could we disagree?

A Longer Bio

We are four people of different ages, different musical backgrounds and influences and we all met at the same Music Conservatory, where we studied Jazz and Classical music.
As time went by our musical bond got stronger. Among the many musical experiences that we shared, each of us played as an accompanying musician at the graduation concerts of the others, thus creating an organic network of musicians and bands which influence one another and broaden each other’s musical horizons.
We were born at the end of the twentieth century, so pop, rock and funk music all played a solid role in our musical upbringing. But we were all, and still are, curious musicians too, so we all explored, and continue exploring, music of different genres from different parts of the world.

Each of us has played in a number of different ensembles: big bands, medium and small jazz ensembles, rock bands, folk music groups, orchestras, and the list goes on.
We have all worked as studio musicians, and each of us has quite a number of concerts in theatres, jazz clubs, small taverns, big restaurants, squares or castles under his or her belt.
We’ve all played at jazz festivals, weddings, matinées, shop openings, birthday parties and poetry readings.
In a nutshell we are your typical musicians who write their own music and long to be able to play it for discerning ears. Nonetheless we do not disdain playing last-minute-jazz-standard gigs just to make a few bucks while having fun.

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