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Who We Are

Drummer Camilla Collet, Saxophonist Giorgio Giacobbi, Pianist Giulio Scaramella and Bassist Pietro Spanghero met while travelling down separate musical paths, and decided to walk together for a while.
Our quartet, like many good things in life, began as a joke, but quickly became a place where to practice the magic art of the song with serious love and dedicated joy.

Live Dates


New Album

Latest News

We have a new album coming up in mid-2018!

April 2018, recording of “二” @Blackmirror Studios (Udine, Italy) with fabulous sound engineer Francesco Marzona

Here is where you will be able to listen to some (if not all) of the new tunes!

May 2018, Sosuu live in Trieste (Italy)

March 2018, Sosuu live in Cividale (Udine, Italy)

December 2017, Sosuu live in Trieste (Italy)

November 26, 2017, Sosuu live in Gradisca d’Isonzo (Gorizia, Italy)

Sosuu Live@Mushroom

Sosuu Live@All’Arsenale Jazz Club

Venerdì 16/03/2018, ore 21.00

Cividale del Friuli


Sosuu live@Mushroom

Sosuu live@All’Arsenale Jazz Club

Venerdì, 16/03/2018, ore 21.00

Cividale del Friuli

Live Dates

We are a quartet which plays some kind of jazz music.
Some may call it European, others contemporary, and how could we disagree?


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